Terracotta Pot
Yoruba, Nigeria, early 20th century
Provenance: Private NYC collection

In Yoruba society, pots were made by women for both utilitarian use and in honor of deities. This pot was most likely used for the latter, due to its decoration which would have impeded its use as a cooking or storage pot. The pot's shape is simple, small body with flared lip. Two nodules on the back could be used to facilitate the handling of the object. Two figures are attached to the pot. One male and one female. Both crudely moulded, depicted standing with over emphasized arms and hands at their waists. The female exhibits facial and body scars, and is adorned with a necklace, arm bands, and an elaborate coiffure. The male figure wears a waist band and dramatic helmut, common among depictions of Yoruba males.

Diameter: 9 in Height: 8 in
IN 11-12-14/ Price: $1800