Group of Three Terracotta Heads
Bura, Nigeria, 15th century
Provenance: Private NYC Collection

This small collection of three terracotta heads subtly hints at the range in variation found amongst the Bura tradition. Originally these would have been either full figures and/or attached to vessels. Each piece is unique, and moulded with engaging individualistic qualities. The first head, cylindrical in shape, has been sculpted with a simplistic naturalism. The head projects towards the sky, creating a strong profile and gaze. The second head is abstract, with distorted facial features and a thick helmut like bulge on top of its head, it appears agitated. The third, is more surreal. Its hammer head shape gives the terracotta a certain flatness that the others lack. Although two eyes, a nose, and mouth have been sculpted, the figure still only hints at a humanistic quality.

Naturalistic: 4 in. Agitated: 4.75 in.
Hammar Head: 7 in.
IN 11-11-14/ Price for (3) is $1500