Twin Doll
Yoruba, Nigeria
19th Century
Previous Collection: Private NYC Collection, acquired from William Arnett ( Well known photographer, author and collector of Tribal Art. Authored many books and catalogs; notably the " Three rivers of Nigeria " for the High Museum "

This is an old and elegant known style of Ibeji; Ede; Oyo. The figure is tall and exquisitely thin; the slightly tipping torso is a wonderful attribute to this figure that is not normally seen in this style. The figure has very worn features from decades of feeding, washing and care, The figure is covered in camwood. There are some areas of erosion especially to the coiffure but this is common for an old Ibeji due to the attraction rats have for the Indigo and camwood applied to the figures; this in no way detracts from this figures beauty.

This doll stands 10 inches tall
IN 10-8-12/ SALE $650