Male Figure
Lobi, Burkina Faso
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Vianna Finch, acquired in the 1970’s from the Eric Robertson Gallery, New York City, then by descent to family.

The Lobi carve a wide variety of figures that serve various purposes within their society. Figures depicting a seated person, such as this example, are often referred to as Bateba Bambar. Carved of a hardwood, this figure is seated with its legs stretched out in front of them. These figures were most likely used as protection for children and the elderly. The figure sits with its arms by its sides and hands resting on its belly. The stylized shoulders create a clear distinction from the figure’s chest. The large head has a beautifully carved face, with arched brows above crescent eyes and slit pupils. The broad nose and pursed mouth are flanked with distinctive c-shaped ears.

Length: 8 in / Height: 9 in
IN 10-7-16 / SALE $650


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